I'm here to guide thru the process of selling, buying, relocating or renting. Please call me to set a meeting so we can discuss my services.  In the mean time, please take a moment to read the following important information when selling, buying and renting.

 1. When Buying

Buying or building your home can be one of the largest investments you will make during your life that is why is so important that you have a realtor guide thru the process. I want to share with you information that is very important for you to know before you commit to buying. Please click in the 2 links below to get valuable information from Service Canada and from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Service Canada “Buying a Home” link

CMHC's Homebuying Step by Step guide is here to make things easier for you by providing the information you need to make a wise homebuying decision. This section provides examples and worksheets that will guide you through the entire homebuying process; from the moment you make the decision to buy your own home to the moment the movers carry the first box through the front door. It couldn't be easier! Please click in the link below

2. When Selling


Selling a home isn't something to leave up to chance. Without a REALTOR®, one of the largest transactions of your life could quickly become one of your largest regrets. There are several things to consider: Is now a good time to sell? What's the best way to get the word out? How do you get top dollar for your property? These are just some of the questions a REALTOR® can help answer to ensure you're 100% happy throughout the entire process.

Please click in the link below to find more information and step by step on how to sell your home. Once you are in the “” web page please go thru all the titles in the left of the page: preparing to sell, Listing your home, marketing your home, closing the sale and the checklist “is your home ready”

3. When Renting

Please click in the link below to a guide to the rental process, providing tenants and landlords with an overview of their rights and responsibilities as well as handy worksheets, sample letters and helpful hints. Provincial and territorial contacts and fact sheets are also included.

Also, if you need more information please contact “The Landlord and Tenant Board” at 1-888-332-3234 or check online at

The Landlord and Tenant Board’s role is to provide information about the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and to resolve disputes between most residential landlords and tenants through either mediation or adjudication.